So The Kids Left Home

Empty Nesters

So the kids left home. They are out of the house, living on their own, and beginning to write the tale to their own lives. You feel so proud and excited, after all your babies are all grown up now.  Unfortunately, however, you may have come down with a case of empty nest syndrome? You are most likely asking, what’s empty nest syndrome? According to Psychology Today, Empty Nest Syndrome “is a feeling of isolation or depression that happens among parents after children grow up and leave home.” Now, does that sound all to familiar? Like so many folks before you, coping with empty nest syndrome can turn out to be extremely complicated. It’s time to embrace being an empty nester and begin to celebrate life after your children have grown up. But don’t be scared if you’re an empty nester considering what specifically to get on with next, there’s a solution for that called empty nesters travel. Although previously family holidays may have provided you with some of your most cherished memories, it’s time to start exploring on your own.

Coming down with a case of the travel bug with a family can actually place a massive burden on precisely how you travel. However, now that the kids have flown the coup, you are free to see and do the things you weren’t able to do before. As a parent, traveling became more about your kids that it did about you, however you now you have got the freedom to embrace empty nest traveling.

Did your kids used to moan about going to museums? Did hearing “Dad this is so boring!” or “Mom, when’s lunch?” and “Why can’t we go to the theme park like all of the other kids?” make it tough to take in all the sites? Was it hard to actually enjoy exploring art, history, and culture because of a cranky three year old tugging at your shirt and yelling in your ear? Empty Nesters Travel takes people to the places they desire, on their terms, and so they can see what they want to see! What about all those long summer walks you were always wanting to take? Back packing through the Rockies can be tricky when you have a stroller, diaper bag, and all of the essentials for your kids.

Spending a week in Tahiti can be tough when your youngsters have a soccer tournament and cheerleading practice to go to. But now the children are writing off their own stories, and as an empty nester you can travel and write your very own story.With the youngsters grown, and summer football practices a thing of times past, empty nesters are free to travel to where, when they want and don’t have to worry about making it home in time for practice

Now that you have raised your kids, the time has come to begin doing things for both of you. As an empty nester you have the liberty to celebrate your life your way. Whether traveling around the world or exploring your home state, embrace wherever empty nesters travel. So what are you waiting for? .